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Vintage car
gearbox repair

Similar to the engine block or cylinder head, there is damage in the area of gearbox repair that makes it impossible to use the classic car. Broken out areas, damaged bearing seats or sealing surfaces are just a few of countless examples.

How can we help?

With decades of experience and craftsmanship in laser precision welding, we can get just about any damage repaired. The advantages: Despite very fine, filigree seams, we guarantee you a durable and resilient gear repair through the right choice of filler metal and extremely precisely adjusted welding parameters – without any heat distortion at all.

Furthermore, we are specialists in welding cast iron, aluminium and aluminium-magnesium alloys. Thanks to a specially developed method, we are also able to carry out this special gearbox repair absolutely permanently and without cracks.

Gearbox repair

  • Crack in gearbox housing

What we can do:

Particularly in a certain model of vintage Porsche, a crack often occurs in the gearbox housing.

The challenge: welding the aluminium-magnesium alloy that is present here.

In our classic car workshop, we have developed our own process in laser welding technology that allows us to address precisely these controversial conditions in magnesium welding.

For 20 years now, we have been pleased to use this method to achieve 100% bonding and flawless X-ray samples.

We were able to successfully save more than 70 Porsche gearboxes (and also several cylinders) with this procedure.

Vintage Porsche_Crack in gearbox housing
Oldtimer Porsche_Getriebe Instandsetzung
Vintage Porsche_Aluminium Magnesium Alloy Welding
Vintage Porsche_Gearbox Repair
Image examples:
  • Vintage Porsche

Gearbox repair

  • Crack and hole in the gearbox housing

What we can do:

We localised the crack and hole under the microscope, ground them out and then rebuilt them. The use of lasers for aluminium welding virtually eliminates heat distortion during the gearbox repair. Bearings, gearbox output shafts and all linkages fit exactly in their position again.

Vintage car gearbox repair_hole in gearbox housing
Vintage car_gearbox housing cracked
Image examples:
  • Aluminium engine of another vintage car

Gearbox repair

  • Crack in gearbox cover

  • Broken out bracket

What we can do:

The vintage motorbike had a crack in the gearbox cover and a broken-off bracket.

The crack is resealed by laser and the broken bracket can also be welded on again.

Material: aluminium.

By the way: Broken parts in the carburettor of vintage motorbikes are also part of our repair services.

Image examples:
  • Aluminium engine of another vintage car
Vintage motorcycle_Crack in gearbox housing and broken corner
Gearbox repair on vintage motorcycle_welded broken corner and welded crack in gearbox housing