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Classic Car
welding bearing tunnel

An interesting repair job for vintage cars is also bearing race welding.

Once the crankshaft has been damaged or installed with too much or too little play, there is also clear wear in the area of the bearing race. To be more precise, the crankshaft wears out precisely the bearing points of the bearing race, which are supposed to position the crankshaft to 100ths of a millimetre. The bearing points run in and dimensional accuracy can no longer be achieved.

At TM Classic Cars we are able to rebuild the missing material thicknesses with pinpoint accuracy using lasers and special welding additives. We use partly automated processes that enable us to weld without distortion and in a way that is gentle on the material.

Bearing tunnel

  • Wear at four bearing points of the bearing tunnel

What we can do:

After taking the exact measurements, welding in an exactly fitting layer thickness of 0.5 mm.

Material: aluminium.

After welding, the bearing track is drilled to size.

Image example:
  • Vintage 8 Cylinder Chevrolet

Welding bearing tunnel_classic car repair