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Hightech meets history

TM Classic Cars: Classic car workshop & innovative laser technology

In our classic car workshop, we specialise in the repair of historic engines. Whether cylinder head repair, engine block welding, camshaft or crankshaft repair – your classic car is in the best hands with us.

We combine old knowledge with innovative laser technology and robot-assisted as well as partially and fully automated welding processes. This gives us the possibility to produce the finest seams completely contactless, precisely and without distortion.

Gently, professionally and with great attention to detail.

Put your trust in 30 years of experience and extensive expertise.
Then we will restore your classic car to what it is:

Awareness of life, passion and driving pleasure.

Classic car workshop_Oldtimer Porsche repair
Who we are:

At TM Classic Cars, we are intensively concerned with the level of knowledge and the skills of the experts of the time in order to preserve classic vehicles true to the original with the most modern means of today.

It is the enthusiasm and passion for the historic manufacturing processes and the possibilities of the most innovative technology that enable our classic car workshop to weld parts that were thought to be beyond repair, such as grey cast iron cylinder heads or aluminium engines through to magnesium gearbox housings.

Nostalgia and attention to detail make our work something very special.

What distinguishes our classic car workshop:

Welding cast iron

Welding cast iron / grey cast iron is considered a parade discipline of welding.

Depending on the form of the cast material (globular or lamellar), cast iron is even considered “non-weldable” in technical literature.

For more than 20 years, we have successfully implemented the findings from our constant research work in modern, laser-based welding processes. The processes are manual, partially or fully automated. Welding is high-precision, spot-welding and contactless. There is no heat distortion.

Aluminium welding

Aluminium welding requires a great deal of expertise, experience and intuition.

Aluminium alloys in particular are difficult to work with successfully in terms of quality and are also considered “non-weldable”.

Aluminium has different melting temperatures due to its oxide layer. The border between loss of stability and a weldable melt is very narrow. The aluminium is in danger of literally melting if the welding parameters are set incorrectly.
Maintaining this balance is our know-how.

Magnesium welding

We also draw on many years of experience in the field of magnesium welding.

We weld aluminium-magnesium alloys with high strength and also die-cast alloys.

We work exclusively with a pure laser. The fact that magnesium alloys have a low flash point, are easy to ignite and extremely susceptible to cracking makes welding them a special challenge.

There are virtually no tolerances within the welding process, the process window is extremely small.

Examples of work in our classic car workshop:

Vintage mercedes pagoda

Vintage mercedes pagoda

Crack in the water jacket of the cylinder | Non-contact laser welding of grey cast iron
Vintage Motorcycle_Camshaft Repair

Vintage Motorcycle

Repair of a run-in camshaft | Laser welding with highest precision
Welding grey cast iron_Crack in the water jacket of a vintage car

Vintage mercedes pagoda

Detailed view of the laser welding process | contactless, spot-on & without heat distortion
Cylinder repair _Classic Car

Vintage Bentley, 1932

Crack in the cylinder wall, welding cast iron using the latest laser technology
Vintage Porsche_Gearbox repair

Vintage Porsche

Gearbox repair | Aluminium-magnesium alloy welding
Vintage MG Midget_repair water jacket

Vintage MG Midget

Crack in the water jacket | Welding cast iron in the cold welding process
Vintage Ferrari_repair fuel pump

Vintage Ferrari

Repair of a multiple broken fuel pump | Welding cast iron
Classic car workshop_gearbox repair

Classic car workshop

Crack and hole in gearbox housing | Welding on aluminium motor
Classic car repair_repair bearing jam

Classic car repair

Cracked web of a bearing clamp | Welding cast aluminium
Classic car workshop_Welding oil filter adapter_gray cast iron

Classic car workshop

Grey cast iron oil filter adapter | Welding a side hole that was accidentally drilled out
Vintage Motorcycle_Cylinder Head Repair

Vintage Motorcycle

Fracture of a cooling fin of a cylinder head | Aluminium welding
Repair camshaft

Classic car repair

Run-in camshaft | laser welding | no subsequent hardening or nitriding necessary
Classic car workshop_cylinder repair

Vintage Horch, Type 853, 1937

Cracks in the cylinder around the stud bolt threads | Laser welding
Vintage Rolls Royce_coating bearing shells

Vintage Rolls Royce, 1927

Worn-in bearing shells of a crankshaft recoated with white metal
Classic Car Workshop | Casting Welding

Vintage 1 hp carriage from 1889

Broken off flange at the carburettor unit | New modelling | Welding of cast iron