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Vintage car
camshaft repair

Are you looking for someone who can reliably and permanently repair the camshaft of your classic car?
Then you have come to the right place.

Camshaft wear is mainly found in the area of the highly loaded cams. Sometimes the cams have shrunk or corrosion has formed in the area of the running surfaces due to condensation. The material of the cam is increasingly worn out or flakes off and possibly also damages the rocker arms.

This behaviour is due to the special material of the camshaft. The core of the camshaft is elastic and flexible, the surface is hardened by various processes. As a result, it has a relatively wear-resistant protective skin of approx. 0.2 mm. However, once this layer is damaged, it happens very quickly and the cam wears out.

Using a special material that is very similar to the hardened surface, we can recoat this damage using a laser welding process and repair the camshaft. The low heat input ensures the dimensional stability of the shaft. The repair is reliable and durable. We would be happy to advise you!


  • Run-in camshaft

  • Leakage at the location of the Simmerrings (oil leakage)

  • New coating due to wear

  • Repair of a crack

What we can do:

The question does not arise with a new vehicle: the camshaft is replaced.

With a classic car, unfortunately, it’s a different story, because there is often no replacement.

With the right choice of material and the appropriate laser, we can coat the camshaft of the classic car absolutely distortion-free and in the highest quality. The applied material has the required hardness immediately after laser welding. One final polish and it is immediately ready for use again. No subsequent hardening or nitriding necessary!

Repair Camshaft_Oldtimer Motorcycle
Camshaft Repair_Oldtimer Motorcycle
Classic car_Repair worn camshaft
Repair of a camshaft_Crack due to wear
Image examples:
  • Above: Camshaft of a vintage motorbike. Leakage at the location of the oil seals, material build-up by laser and subsequent grinding.

  • Bottom left: Vintage car. Coating by laser welding due to wear.

  • Bottom right: Repair of a crack due to wear.