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Classic car
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Challenge: Welding the engine block

Most classic car repairs, especially when it comes to engine block welding, are the result of long downtimes. But the ravages of time also take their toll on the material of the classic car engine.

Each damaged part is as unique as the classic car itself. But they all have one thing in common: the material from which the engine block was made should be professionally welded so that the classic car functions perfectly again.

And that’s where we come in:

At TM Classic Cars, we look at every vehicle and every part to be welded under a high-resolution microscope. We gather as much information as possible from the owner about the condition of the vehicle. For example, we ask how and how often it has been moved or what maintenance and repairs have already been carried out independently of the classic car engine repair. We look at what materials the manufacturer used in the construction. Grey cast iron or aluminium? Which grey cast iron or which aluminium alloy? Which process was used to cast the engine blocks and much, much more. In very difficult cases, we go to the laboratory and do material analyses, dye penetration or X-ray tests.

From all this information, we then develop a repair solution for engine block welding.

Classic car engine overhaul and more:

Welding bearing tunnel

  • Run-in bearing points on the bearing aisle.
  • Wear due to wear, too much or too little play of the crankshaft.
  • No more dimensional accuracy.

Welding valve seats

  • Wear
  • Discontinued areas

Repair crankshaft

  • Wear in the area of the bearing seats

Repair camshaft

  • Wear in the area of the cams
  • Corrosion in the area of the running surfaces
  • Damage to the rocker arms

Crack in water jacket

  • Frost damage
  • Cracks in the engine block

Cylinder head repair

  • Damage to the sealing surfaces
  • Cracks in the spark plug thread
  • Cracks between intake and exhaust valve
  • Damage / wear of the valve seats

+ Tank welding

  • Cracks in the tank
  • Leaks
  • Torn off brackets

+ Repair attachments

  • Starter motor
  • Thread
  • Water pump
  • and much more.

+ Gearbox repair

  • Broken out parts
  • damaged bearing seats
  • Damage to the sealing surfaces
  • Differential
Engine block welding_Grey cast iron welding_Laser technology
Oldtimer engine overhaul_Bearing shells crankshaft repair
Camshaft welding_TM Classic Cars
Engine block welding_cylinder head repair
Vintage car gearbox repair_Crack and hole_Welding aluminium
Classic car repair_aluminium gearbox
Attention to detail

We work with the greatest possible care on every single classic car part that comes to us for repair. We consider the vehicles unique and treat them as if they were our own.
Many parts are no longer available on the market, which sharpens our sense of detail even more. It is not enough to “just” weld the parts.
We try to understand the material, recognise the smallest micro-damages and react to them immediately.
We are happy to continue preserving a piece of classic car history with every successful repair and to share your enthusiasm with you.

Engine block welding_TM Classic Cars